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OMEA Values Statement

To provide advocacy, professional support, and community to music educators so that every learner is able to access reflective and responsive music education.

The OMEA prioritizes equitable and accessible music education as identified in the OMEA Equity Action Plan.


The OMEA values a learner-centered advocacy framework, championing the inherent value of music education as part of a holistic curriculum. Keeping equitable and accessible music education at the forefront of what we do, the OMEA seeks to connect and work with all stakeholders including learners, educators who teach music, parents and guardians, administrators, decision-makers and policy-makers, and community partners.


The OMEA values and facilitates opportunities for members to be supported professionally and engage with one another in discussion and professional discourse at workshops, seminars, conferences, and online. Members and students are provided a wide range of scholarship opportunities to support various pursuits in music education, as well as future financial support for professional development. The OMEA provides curated resources on our website for both member and non-member use, and encourages reflection and sharing through our quarterly professional journal, The Recorder.


The OMEA values communication as a key component to building community. With a focus on increasing transparency and accessibility, the OMEA will build connections by networking with members, corporations and affiliates. This includes conferences, workshops, professional journals, social media updates, and recognition through scholarships and awards. We will reach out to non-members in support, collaboration, and co-creation.