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The OMEA is pleased to have affiliations with a number of different musical organizations. For information on the benefits of affiliation and to access application process information, please see this link.  Please direct any questions to the OMEA President.

Prior to submitting your applicatoin for affiliate status, please CLICK HERE to review how the OMEA differentiates Corporate Members vs. Affiliate Organizations. Please submit your application using this form.


What is the Administrator’s Advisory Council (AAC)?

The AAC is made up of a group of people who hold a position of added responsibility within music educational institutions (Boards of Education and universities) such as superintendents, instructional leaders, music consultants and co-ordinators, principals and vice-principals, university professors, instructors and administrators.

Who is the AAC?

  • Kevin Merkley – AAC Contact, Principal – York Region District School Boar
  • Gregg Bereznick – Superintendent of Education – Retired – Waterloo Region DSB
  • Andrea Della Torre – Principal – Durham District School Board
  • Neil Yorke-Slader – Superintendent of Instruction – Retired – Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
  • Jeff Brinson – Vice Principal – Grand Erie District School Board
  • John Chalmers – Vice Principal – Retired – Peel District School Board
  • Carolyn Lewis – Principal – Retired – Halton District School Board
  • James Klodnicki – Principal – Durham District School Board

How Do Members Access the AAC?

Email inquires to Kevin Merkley and questions will be forwarded on for feedback.

The CMEA/AMCE provides national leadership for music education in Canada. We are proud to represent and support music education across the country and to be the National Affiliate to the International Society for Music Education. The CMEA/ACME is a registered Not-for-Profit Organization under the Canada Corporations Act. We are here to support Canadian music education at all levels. To learn more about CMEA/ACME, please click here.


The OMEA celebrated our 60th Anniversary in 2009. As part of our celebration the OMEA commissioned Canadian composer Vince Gassi to create a band piece. Phenom was premiered at Con Brio 2009 by the Ontario Provincial Honour Band under the direction of Samuel R. Hazo.

Vince Gassi describes this work: ‘A sense of mystery and wonder is evoked in the opening section of this work. The main theme then bursts its way in with a powerful call and response statement. From here the energy develops and transforms into a lyrical section with vibrant textures and colours. The intensity of the main theme cannot be held at bay for long, however, as it rematerializes and transports this work to its dramatic conclusion.

This piece is part of Alfred’s 2010 collection.

Phenom by Vince Gassi


The Arts Education Consultants of Ontario (ARTSECO ) organization is comprised of system level Arts consultants and co-ordinators from across the province. Their mission is to support and encourage Arts in education and to liaise with the Ministry of Education, as well as existing agencies and arts organizations. ARTSECO Twitter Feed


The Ontario Teachers’ Federation represents all teachers in the province’s publicly funded schools. We are the unifying voice safeguarding their profession, pensions and public education. OTF/FEO Website


The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) is the professional and protective organization representing over 76,000 teachers, occasional teachers, and education workers employed in the public elementary schools of Ontario. ETFO Website


The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Associaton represents 45,000 professional women and men who teach all grades in publicly funded English Catholic schools in Ontario. OECTA Website


OSSTF/FESSO is a strong, independent, socially active union that promotes and advances the cause of public education and the rights of students, educators and educational workers. OSSTF Website