Why Choose OMEA?

OMEA speaks on behalf of all music educators in Ontario. We are regular participants in subject association meetings with the Ministry of Education, Ontario Teachers’ Federation Curriculum Forum meetings and the Ontario College of Teachers meetings.

Membership is available to those persons, organizations or corporations interested in furthering the OMEA’s purposes and values.

OMEA Members can be one or more of the following:

  • Educators or administrators in publicly or independently funded elementary, secondary, or post-secondary institutions,
  • Private music educators, either in group or individual studio settings,
  • Teacher candidates, music education majors in post-secondary institutions,
  • Individuals studying at the graduate level related to music education,
  • Retired music educators or administrators,
  • Stakeholders of music education (e.g. industry representative, music camp representative, community music representative, volunteers in musical setting etc.), and/or
  • Institutions, organizations, and/or companies that benefit music and music education

In pursuit of inclusivity, the OMEA is interested in continuing relationships as well as building new ones to work together with any member/potential member who plays a role in the advancement of music education for all learners. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

OMEA Membership

Select the appropriate membership category below. All members are subject the OMEA Membership Policy. All OMEA Memberships are non-refundable.





This category is for undergraduate or pre-service full time students only, and requires you to provide a faculty reference who can verify this criteria. All other students (PhD, DMA, Masters, Part Time) should select the ‘Individual’ membership category.