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In collaboration with a subcommittee of members, the OMEA Board of Directors is pleased to share that we have a new elections procedure for future elections, including the upcoming election in November 2022.

Elections will be completed electronically using the OMEA website. Complete details on the new procedure can be found here

To summarize:
A Nominations Committee led by a non-returning member of the board of directors will oversee the election process. For this upcoming election, the board has chosen Helen Coker, OMEA Secretary, to lead the Nominations Committee.

The position of Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer (depending on the year) and the available number of director positions will be open for election (this will vary each election).

The Call for Nominations will now be published in the summer issue of The Recorder with a deadline of September 15.

Members can be nominated by another member or can nominate themselves.

Nominee information will be shared via E-Notes by October 1.

Voting will take place electronically in the days leading up to the annual conference, and our AGM, where the election will be finalized by ordinary resolution.

Consequently, the OMEA Board of Directors is seeking interested members to be part of the Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee ensures a fair and transparent election procedure, and we would appreciate your interest and participation as a member in this process. Please note that anyone wishing to run in the OMEA Election should not put their names forward to be a part of the Nominations Committee.

Please complete this form and submit it by September 1, 2022. The committee will consist of directors and members, and this year will be led by Helen Coker, OMEA Secretary. If we receive more interest than we have positions available on the committee, a selection will be made by lottery.



If you are interested in putting a name forward for a position on the OMEA Board of Directors, please complete this online form: Nominees and nominators MUST be a member of the OMEA as of the time of the election (November 2-5, 2022). Each member may nominate no more than two people for this election.

Nominees are asked to submit a brief biography and/or statement of interest that is no more than 300 words. They may also choose to submit a photo. This information will be shared with all OMEA members via E-Notes and on the members’ side of the OMEA website prior to the election.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact Helen Coker, OMEA Secretary and chair of the Nominations Committee at