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The OMEA is pleased to announce a new workshop: Bringing Indigenous Music into Your class
Workshop Presenter: Shy-Anne Hovorka
Workshop Description: Shy-Anne will be unpacking the difference between appreciating and appropriating, discuss attributes of traditional First Nation music, and digging a bit into more contemporary music. This session will also leave time and space to engage in questions and answers for the participants.
Note: This workshop will focus on including Indigenous music in secondary music classrooms (this workshop is sponsored by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation), however non-secondary music educators are welcome to attend.
Presenter Bio: Singer/Songwriter, Shy-Anne Hovorka is an Anishinaabekwe educator, multi-award winning musician, humanitarian and environmentalist. Bringing awareness through music the need to work together using the gifts Creator has given us to make a difference in a way that everyone can relate to regardless of ancestry. Shy-Anne believes music can transcend feelings and bring people together to make positive change in the world, allowing us to grow together in an ever changing and shifting world.
Workshop Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Workshop Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm EDT via Zoom Video Conferencing
The Zoom meeting link will be provided after registering for the workshop.
This workshop will be recorded and made available to OMEA members to view “on demand” if they are unable to attend the live session. Register to be notified when the video recording of the session is available.