This document aims to support music educators in the selection and use of resources by centering equity, diversity, and inclusion. Educators will be encouraged to consider their and their learners’ identities and positionalities in order to ensure the creation of responsive and relevant music education environments. We invite educators to extend the application of this framework to other aspects of education and music-making practices.

OMEA Resource Selection Guidelines Document [PDF] – June 2022

Welcome to the Equitable and Inclusive Music Education Resource Selection Guidelines professional learning webinar. In the next 20 minutes we will consider the ideologies and practices music educators can use to create equitable and inclusive learning communities in classrooms where all students know they matter and belong. This resource and opportunity for professional learning has been developed in collaboration with members of OMEA’s EDI and professional learning committees. At the end of this webinar please complete the 2 minute survey to provide feedback to our team members. On each slide there is an audio button. Click on it to hear the information. When it has stopped you are invited to move on to the next slide. There are 13 slides in all. Thank you for joining us today. Let’s begin!

Resource Selection Guidelines Companion Webinar [Google Slides Presentation, Read-Only]