OMEA...provides advocacy, professional support, and community to music educators so that every learner is able to access reflective and responsive music education. The OMEA prioritizes equitable and accessible music education as identified in the OMEA Equity Action Plan.

Advocacy: Working towards a musical future.

Opportunity Vs. Resources

In Ontario, we live in a world of great opportunity, and limited resources. Governments, school boards, schools, and even individuals need to allocate their assets in a way that makes sense for their students. In working for their piece of the pie, music educators and their allies need to recognize that other subjects and educational priorities, which also have clear value to Ontario students, are also vying for a sizeable slice. Our role as music advocates is to ensure that we highlight the amazing opportunities that the study of music offers our children, while working to earn our fair share of the resources.

Work it…

Note that as an advocate you are working to earn your share of the resources.  We are no longer living in a time (if such a time ever really existed) when investments in the Arts and Music will consistently be made because it’s the right thing to do.  To encourage anything like a reasonable flow of human and fiscal resources towards music, it has to be seen as the right thing, and the effective thing, and the prudent thing, and the expedient, thing and the politically advantageous thing, and the… well, you get the picture.

How we can help:

On this page we provide you with a range of advocacy resources that may be worthwhile to music teachers, students, parents, and other allies in our campaign for music. In addition, in our OMEA members only section, teachers will find some “school specific” strategies that are intended to help the individual teacher work within their schools to ensure an ongoing place for music education in their building. At this very local level especially, advocacy without alienation is the  key! Watch the “breaking news” section for time-sensitive material, such as events, election material or survey opportunities.

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