Music Technology Solutions For All Ages
John Mlynczak
Music Rehearsal Concepts: Rehearsing a Phrase to Excellence
Richard Saucedo
Saucedo_Music Rehearsal Concepts- Rehearsing a Phrase to Excellence! Con Fuoco 2021
Expanding the Musical Canon: Achieving Equity and Diversity through a Critical Examination of the String Repertoire
Andrew Kizas
Crazy for Classics!
Chris Marti
Snare drum basics, and way beyond!
Michael Beauclerc
Creating and Re-Creating in the Junior Grades
Catherine West
West_Creating Recreating_handout
Composing in the Classroom
Carolyn Neumann VanderBurgh
NeumannVanderBurgh Composing in the Classroom
Nikamoh First Nations Songs
Sherryl Sewepagaham
Nikamoh First Nations Songs: Travelling Stick Game Song
Nikamoh First Nations Songs:Travelling Stick Game Song Playing Pattern
Nikamoh First Nations Songs: Nisakihaw (Love Song)
Nikamoh First Nations Songs: Lil’wat Song
Nikamoh First Nations Songs: Kitsikakomimm Blackfoot Love Song
Nikamoh First Nations Songs: Harvesting & Gathering Song
Nikamoh First Nations Songs: Children’s Blessing Song
Basic Rhythms from Across the African Continent
Altaf Vellani
Altaf Vellani Music of Africa
Music and Technology in the Modern Bandroom: Teaching Composition, Arranging, and Production with GarageBand
Colin Story & Mackenzie Longpre
New and Recent Release Band Music Session: Teachable and Adaptable Repertoire
Shashi Ramu
Handout Adaptable Teachable Band Rep Shashi Ramu
Feeder School Connections through Mass Band
Tim Gordon and Seth McNall
Feeder School Connections Handout
Play, Sing, Compose, Improvise, Repeat! Undertaking the Creative Process
Davide Garofalo
The Power of One – A Quest for Freedom
Gena Norbury
Norbury_Gena_Power of One Handout
World Ukulele Tour
James Hill
Hand Drumming techniques and beyond …
Doug Sole
Doug Sole Handouts (Zip file)
Social Justice in the Music Class
Andy Luck
Open Your Jazz Ears!
Jim Lewis
Open Your Jazz Ears (pgs 1,2) OMEA 2021
Open Your Jazz Ears (pgs 3,4) OMEA 2021
Make It Work: Buckets, Small Ensembles and Steel Drums, OH MY!
Jennifer Cresswell
Animating a Composition
John Touchette
Animating a Composition Handout
Musical Diversity: Integrating Gospel Music into the Music Classroom
Darren Hamilton
Songs for Humanity , Diversity through Music
Waleed Abdulhamid and Mary Lou Sicoly
How Might We Make a Difference in the World?
Jocelyn Kervin
Higher – Faster – Stronger Sound!
Cynda Fleming
Optimizing Your Percussion Students
Adam Caringi and Christopher Goncalves
Caringi_Goncalves Adam_Christopher _Optimizing Your Percussion Students_ Resource Package 2021
Project Reaction
Sandie Heckel and Victoria Simpson
It’s Never Too Late to Learn
Mary Thornton
Individualized Learning Opportunities For All
John Mlynczak
Hype Up Your Music Class with HyperDocs!
Jocelyn Kervin and Gavin Foster
Unlocking Creativity Through Focused Repetition
Richard Saucedo
Saucedo_Unlocking Creativity Through Focused Repetition – Con Fuoco 2021
Games and Warm-Ups to Encourage Social Cohesion in the Elementary String Classroom
Vanessa Mio
Final_Mio_Handout_OMEA Con Fuoco 2021
More than just a Beat: Integrating Percussion into Choral Music
Jamie Drake and Zimfira Poloz
The Danger of a Single Song
Lauren Simmons
Simmons, Lauren – The Danger of a Single Song
Everyone Can Drum!
Michael Beauclerc
From Motown to 12-Tone: Project learning for grades 4-12
Jody Stark
Stark Project Learning handout OMEA 2021
Asking Questions: Strategies for Rehearsal
Katie Tremblay and Leslie Stewart Rose
Kanata: Contemporary Indigenous Artists and their Music
Sherryl Sewepagaham and Nick Godsoe
Program Development Through Community Integrated Arts Projects
Dawn Ellis-Mobbs and Miranda Blazey
Ellis-Mobbs_Blazey – Integrated Arts
Retaining the Tech-Savvy Generation
John Mlynczak
Building Musical Efficacy: Moving Between the Elementary and Instrumental Music Experience
Angela Mantie and Joy Reeve
What’s Possible Now? The Post-Pandemic Choir
Sarah Morrison and Sara Joy
Morrison_Joy_What’s Possible Now_The Post-Pandemic Choir
Including All Learners
Emma DeVooght
Including All Learners OMEA
Just Orffin’ Around – Sing, Play, Move, Create
Synthia MacEachern
Just Orffin Around – Spiral Instruction. Unifying your Music Program
The Silk Road
Gena Norbury and Lesley Pontarini
Norbury-Pontarini_Travelling the Silk Road
“By Students, For Students”: Building Community and Identity as a Pre-Service Music Educator
Kevin Vuong and Delicia Raveenthrarajan
Building Community and Engagement with Google Tools in the Music Classroom
Jocelyn Kervin
Building Community OMEA
A Kindergarten ‘Kaper’
Melinda Metzger and Jane Wamsley
Kindergarten Kaper HANDOUT 2021 ConFuco
The First Five Years
Mitchell Mcintyre
CHAMBER MUSIC – The Secret Ingredient to Better Large Ensemble Skills and Better Students for Virtual and In-Person Learning
Daniel Hasznos and Osvaldo Gomes dos Santos
OMEA Presentation – Osvaldo Gomes & Daniel Hasznos – Chamber Music
Teaching songwriting to beginner musicians
Liz Parker-Cook
Parker-Cook_Liz_Teaching Songwriting to Beginner Musicians
Igniting Student Engagement through Emotional Intelligence: Facing Fears and Feelings
Lyndsay Promane
Basic Applications of Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian Hand Drumming in Group Settings
Doug Sole
More than a Song: Teaching Musical Concepts through Popular Music
Andy Luck
Popular Music in the Modern Music Classroom
Kick Start Your Fundraising – Ideas, Tips and Tricks
Lisa Michaels and Peter VanDuzer
Fundraising Tips, Tricks and Ideas – Lisa Michaels
Generation Z Rehearsal Techniques
Neil Yorke-Slader
Building a Viable Path: Music Career Education
Nick Godsoe and Mark Reid
Teaching Guitar Authentically: A Path to Promote Lifelong Learning
Steve Giddings
Songwriting with Jake the Road Dawg 1
Tia McGraff & Tommy Parham
Tia McGraff Clinician Handout
Songwriting with Jake the Road Dawg 2
Tia McGraff & Tommy Parham