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    Tales and Tunes Units (Primary, Junior, Intermediate)


    The Tales and Tunes units each include 5 lessons that work through the creative process and engages critical analysis as outlined in the ministry of education’s curriculum documents. The unit can be taught by both new and experienced music educators; experienced music educators are encouraged to incorporate the suggested extensions included in the lessons themselves, […]

    Elementary Unit Plans
    • 2021 Con Fuoco

    Con Fuoco Conference Handouts

    Music Technology Solutions For All Ages John Mlynczak Music Rehearsal Concepts: Rehearsing a Phrase to Excellence Richard Saucedo Saucedo_Music Rehearsal Concepts- Rehearsing a Phrase to Excellence! Con Fuoco 2021 Expanding the Musical Canon: Achieving Equity and Diversity through a Critical Examination of the String Repertoire Andrew Kizas Andrew_Kizas_Expanding_The_Musical_Canon Crazy for Classics! Chris Marti Marti_Chris_CrazyforClassics Snare […]

    Conference Handouts
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    OMEA resources have been accumulated and developed over several decades. It is important for us to recognize, respond to, and redress any bias or inequity that exists in our resources, and to cultivate and sustain equitable, inclusive, and diverse resources. We recognize the white settler colonial roots of music education in Ontario and are working to ensure that the OMEA resources offer opportunities to affirm, and also learn more about, the diverse identities of educators and learners. We are in the process of examining current and future resources to ensure they are in accordance with our Equity Action Plan.

    We honour and value the lived experience and wisdom our membership brings to the OMEA. To create equitable learning spaces where educators, students, and community can learn alongside each other, we recognize this work belongs to all of us. We invite all members to share their insights and suggestions about the resources posted on the OMEA website by contacting